Top New Nicknames and Names for Free Fire 2023 ,New Nicknames boys and Girls in Free Fire Game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To change your name in free fire follow the given steps:

  1. Open the Free Fire game,tap on the profile.
  2. Now click on the pencil icon situated on the right side of your previous name.
  3. A box will appear ,there enter your new name.
  4. Now use your name card if you have otherwise pay 300 diamonds to change your name.

To get name change card in free fire game,there are two ways:

  1. First Method,you can get name change card in event,where tou have to complete some mission given in that event like running 500km,kill enemy with 5 headshots.After completing your missio you can claim your "Name Change Card".

  2. Second Method,You can buy "Name Change card" for only 39 Diamonds if you have 200 guild tokens.
  3. Just go to store>Redeem>Guild Token.

To write stylish name in free fire just follow the given steps:-

  • Use Stylish Fonts and symbols with Fancy Texts for designing your name.
  • Use online tool like for designing you name style
  • Watch some videos relates to "How to write stylish name in free fire ".
  • To change your name in free fire without diamond

  • Free fire provides name change card in events ,just wait for the event complete event mission and claim your "Name change Card" for free.
  • Just use online tools like or others.You will get stylishbfonts ,symbols and fancy texts to write your name in style
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